Why the World needs more Healers Working Online

For the first time in a hundred years we have seen the world’s entire consciousness and behaviour shift dramatically within a matter of weeks, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Within a matter of weeks, people’s uncertainty about their financial future, their well being, their ideas of freedom, and their doubt in being able to connect with others without contracting a virus, was elevated to unprecedented levels in over a century.

And whilst lockdown, social distancing, masks, vaccines & social division has become the norm, more than ever before, people are suffering from isolation, division, anxiety, uncertainty and financial stress.

How Does This Really Affect People?

Mental Health

According to epidemiological surveys, (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4610617/) 1 in 3 people will suffer from Anxiety at some point in their life, with women and people in the middle of their life, being those who suffer from it more commonly.

It’s estimated that 45% of people will also experience a mental health condition at some point in their lives.

5% of the population are thought to suffer from Seasonal Depression, and according to the American Psychological Association up to 15% of women develop post-partum depression.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) estimates 6.7% of the U.S. adult population are affected by Depression.


Approx 12% – 14% of the population smoke cigarettes. A survey conducted in 2015 found that 70% of smokers wanted to quit, and that 55% had tried to do this, with only 7% being successful after 6 – 12 months.


Approx 60% of the population report at least one dysfunctional sleep symptom occurring three or more times a week.

15% are so severe that they are considered to have clinical insomnia.


More than half of the population in most english speaking countries (US, UK, Can, Aus, SA, NZ) are overweight or obese.


Abuse & Trauma

It’s estimated that close to 48% of children have experienced at least one adverse traumatic experience, with 10% having lived with someone that had a drug or alcohol problem, 20% who have seen their parents divorce or separation.


Evergreen Marketing is a concept used to describe a Marketing System that is ‘record it once, and use it over & over’. Like a Plant that stays green all year long, looking fresh, Evergreen Marketing refers to Marketing that is created once, but that is used over and over, without it getting ‘old’ or tired.

Evergreen Marketing Systems is one of the smartest ways to Market. Now, of course, this depends on the QUALITY of your Marketing.

If you create basic, average, uninspired & lack lustre marketing content, then it may not have the desired effect.

This is why following a proven system that helps you to develop EFFECTIVE Evergreen Marketing as a Healer or Therapist is so important.

It stops you from wasting time, making mistakes, or pinning your hopes on efforts that won’t get the result you want.


The 5 Videos That Make Up An Evergreen Marketing System

There are 5 videos that I recommend as a System that has proven to work for my own brands, but also has been proven to work for dozens of other Therapists and Healers, so let’s get into explaining what these are and how they work…

Imagine the first video you ever see from an expert is them sharing something personal about themselves, in an engaging way that you can instantly relate to. How would that make you feel? It would make you feel more connected to that person. It demonstrates that you have something in common.

Consumer Psychology has shown that we will spend more money on a service with someone we like than to take up a service that is cheaper with someone we don’t feel connected to.

Irrespective of the price of your service or programs, your first goal should be share a little bit about who you are, why you are passionate about what you do and how you can relate to your target market.

Combining your Expertise in a topic with Effective Marketing results in knowing how to communicate the most potent message in a succinct and concise manner. The second video showcases that you know your topic so well, that you can summarise your target markets complex and detailed life & challenges that they face, down to ONE problem. This simplifies the issue and should, ideally, help them to pin-point the real underlying blockage in their life.

By doing this effectively, you are proving your expertise to your audience, showing them that you can get straight to the point, helping them to gain clarity on their situation, but also educating them into the biggest problem ‘domino’ that needs to be knocked down first in order to address their concerns.

We’ve all made mistakes trying to achieve certain things and your prospective clients are no different. If they weren’t making some common mistakes, then they would have solved the presenting problem by now. The third video showcases the 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or even 7 most common mistakes that people with this particular challenge or problem make.

The goal of this video is to provide uncommon knowledge, demonstrating your cutting-edge understanding of your expertise. If you tell your prospective clients information that they already know without bringing something new and intriguing to the video, then your audience will unlikely want to watch any more of your videos. You want to tell your audience what the common mistakes are, why people make these common mistakes, why these are actually mistakes (some often feel like solutions) and how to avoid these mistakes instead.

In the fourth video, you want to give some deeper insight to your audience on what the ‘secrets’ are that can be applied, to solve their problem. These ‘secrets’ may not be real secrets, but how you deliver them and in what order they are applied is often the ‘secret’ aspect of them.

We use the word ‘secret’ loosely. These steps are a secret because most people don’t know them and those that do know them, don’t do them. Your job in this video is to ‘package-up’ your knowledge in an easy to follow, step-by-step approach that increases the perceived value of your content.

The final video in the Evergreen Marketing System for Healers & Therapists is the Masterclass Video. This is typically a longer and more detailed video, that combines all the information, insights and compelling evidence from the previous 4 videos, into one big video.

Unlike the previous 4 videos, this Masterclass, has a stronger ‘marketing’ feel. The previous 4 videos should be subtle in directly promoting yourself and your program, whereas the Masterclass is more directly about you, your program, and the unbelievable offer you have for your audience who are a good fit for what you can help them with.

Evergreen Marketing Positions You As A Heart-Driven Expert

Most Healers and Therapists are limited in the way they market themselves because they don’t know any better.

They go for the quick wins such as “X% off now on _____” or “$100 off for the next 24 hours on _____”.

By following this Expert Positioning Marketing System, your audience will enjoy watching your marketing videos, because they don’t seem like marketing videos. They will seem like educational and high-value videos that relate directly to them and their main concerns, giving them useful insights and increasing their awareness in what you do and who you are, without being salesy, pushy or even typical in your marketing approach.

Most people don’t want to sit through ‘Marketing’ videos. But as Youtube stats show, people LOVE watching videos that educate them and help them learn more about themselves and their problem. Your goal is to avoid producing videos that directly promote you and your programs, but instead to produce high-value content that educates, inspires and gains people’s trust in you and what you do.

In our E-Hypnotherapist Certification & Marketing Program, we provide proven templates, language patterns and structure to each of these 5 videos to make the Evergreen Marketing creation process as easy as possible.

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