Use Your Skills for Good with Hypnotherapy Training in Sydney

You have probably heard of clinical hypnotherapy as well as some of the stigmas surrounding it. We aim to powerfully break through these misconceptions about hypnotism to support greater financial freedom through hypnotherapy training in Sydney.

If you want to learn hypnosis or hypnotherapy in Sydney you have come to the right place! We offer certified hypnotherapy training in Sydney and the added benefit of supporting how to market yourself online and gain clients’ trust and confidence on a digital platform. Our hypnotherapy course is not exclusively focused on hypnotherapy training but also on everything that goes with starting your own online business.

Background of E-Hypnotherapist Training and Marketing in Sydney

We at E-Hypnotherapist offer a 12-week certification of an online hypnotherapy training course in Sydney that will teach you the core skills of hypnotherapy. Along the way, you’ll also learn the essentials of marketing from starting a business in this field and how to overcome particular challenges that you might face when you lack direct client interaction.

We offer live coaching calls and give you the time and individual attention that will help you shine. Our breakdown:

  1. Week 1 to 3. We focus on teaching you everything you need to know about hypnotherapy, such as the basics of hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques. During this period, incorporating traditional and modern learning styles of hypnotherapy keeps it balanced and gives you a professional advantage. We also detail which path of hypnotherapy you may wish to focus on, plus how to get your business started and find your first clients. We end Week 3 with a live coaching call.
  2. Week 2 to 6. We shift towards the digital marketing aspect of your training. You will learn some digital marketing skills, such as recording scripted videos and creating content for different social media platforms. We perform an analysis of your competitors so that you can find the best way to sell your product in a sea of online distractions. We end with another live coaching call.
  3. Week 7 to 12. We move on to hardcore business dynamics and marketing, including how to keep your business going with financial skills, a business plan, and a business checklist. Lastly, we focus on the sales side: your sales strategy, your mindset, and how to conduct yourself to pursue success relentlessly.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Hypnotherapy Training In Sydney

Well, as far as being a certified hypnotherapist in Sydney, you ought to be able to quench the concerns of people being hypnotized. Many individuals have common mistaken hypnosis perceptions. If you wish to learn hypnotherapy and enroll yourself in our hypnotherapy training course in Sydney, you already know the importance of breaking through stigmas.

Here are just a few of the persistent myths surrounding hypnotherapy that you can help to dissipate:

  • Stage acts tell the whole story. Theatrical hypnotherapists play a big role in misconceptions around hypnotherapy. We assure you that no one has sudden amnesia or acts out of character while under this kind of hypnosis, and we offer clarity on what REALLY happens during the process. It can’t affect your behavior directly—it can merely alter your thought patterns.
  • Hypnosis is supernatural. Far from the supernatural, hypnosis is actually a natural process that we all experience before going to sleep or just before waking up. We can also get so mesmerized by a movie or book that we experience environmental hypnosis.
  • You can perform self-hypnosis. We teach you how to perform proper self-hypnosis and how to reinforce positive patterns while a client is in a suggestive state and open to improvement. Many people turn to the internet and attempt to perform self-hypnosis, which can have disappointing effects and even reinforce negative self-talk.

About the E-Hypnotherapist Certification & Marketing Program

We want to give you the best chance at changing your life both mentally and financially while you change the lives of others as a digital hypnotherapy hero. Read our blog to get a better idea of what we offer, or get in touch today if you’re ready to begin.