How We Offer Different Hypnotherapy Courses in the Gold Coast

Perhaps you’ve taken a few hypnotherapy training courses in the Gold Coast already. Maybe you are new to this field and are just starting to explore the educational opportunities that are out there. Either way, you’ve probably heard a lot about qualifications the fundamentals of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. What you haven’t heard a lot about is how to take those skills and build a genuinely successful business.

At E-Hypnotherapist Certification & Marketing Program, we are different: we provide a 12-week hypnotherapy courses in Brisbane that teaches both the fundamentals of hypnotherapy and the business skills that you need to succeed.

Problems That Our Hypnotherapy Training Courses in the Gold Coast Address

Would-be hypnotherapists are constantly running up against barriers to success. We are dedicated to helping you navigate past these common problems and pain points, including:

  • Lots of qualifications but no clients. When our founder, Shane, got his start, he had this exact problem. He kept taking more hypnotherapy courses and earning more credentials and qualifications, but he still struggled with finding clients. Ultimately, he realised that he’d learned a lot about hypnosis but not much about marketing or running a business. We incorporate those modules into our 12-week training schedule.
  • A limited client pool. One of your biggest obstacles as a hypnotherapist is that you offer a niche service and may struggle to reach a large enough client pool in your area. We resolve this challenge by training our students on how to provide online hypnotherapy via video calls. This valuable knowledge grows your service radius to potentially include all of Australia – and the rest of the world!
  • Too much work to make ends meet. Work-life balance is a vital factor in any job, and it’s something that we value deeply. In addition to training you on how to provide hypnotherapy services, we also help you to create various digital products – including video and audio assets—so that you can diversify your income streams and establish channels of passive income.

What You Can Expect from Our E-Hypnotherapist Certification & Marketing Program

When you enroll in our hypnotherapy training courses in the Gold Coast, here’s what you can expect:

  • A well-defined 12-week calendar. We adhere to our 12-week course calendar for a good reason: we know that it works. You can view the entire calendar on our home page to see what you’ll be learning from week to week.
  • Multiple live coaching calls. As you will see on the calendar, our course moves from defined curriculum weeks (featuring lessons on finding clients, establishing a marketing system, and more) to live coaching calls. This structure allows for plenty of face-to-face time tailored to each student’s needs while hitting all the fundamentals of our curriculum.
  • A path to success. When you finish our course, you won’t just have a certification in hypnotherapy – you will also have the skills and assurance that you need to establish a business and start growing it instantly. We always tell our students that with our training, they will potentially be able to land paying clients within 48 hours.

For many of our students, our hypnotherapy training courses in Gold Coast represent a path to meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in their professional lives. If hypnotherapy interests you, then our course can bring that purpose to your life. Contact us today to get started.