How to Use Rapid Induction Self-Hypnosis Even If You Are Pregnant or Injured

Having trained over 10,000 hypnotherapist, coaches, and healers, I’ve discovered that many people who want to perform self-hypnosis are actually using a slower approach simply because they don’t know any other way.

So let me ask you…

  • Would you be interested in learning a Rapid Induction Self Hypnosis Technique that almost anyone can use including pregnant women and even people with injuries?
  • Are you interested in finding the fastest form of rapid induction hypnosis and self-hypnosis that exists?


Read on as you’re about to learn this amazing technique – a 3-second self-hypnosis induction technique.

Hypnotherapy Can Improve Recovery Time from both Giving Birth and Physical Injuries

Hypnotherapy during pregnancy and recovery stage (when injured) is a good way to deal with outstanding issues that may be disturbing you or causing anxiety or and even postpartum depression. 

So imagine being able to take yourself or even your clients into a deep state of hypnosis, and improving an area of life that has been causing stress and concern?

What if you could perform this Self Hypnosis in a matter of seconds?

Of course, All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis and no Self Hypnosis technique has some magical power to take away your problems or concerns, unless you are ready to let go and in place of the problem, for you to, instead, find a more viable solution.

First, let’s assume that you already understand the basic principles of hypnosis, why hypnosis works and how important it is that the client be ready for it as well.

So here are the steps, to Use Rapid Induction Self Hypnosis Even If You Are Pregnant or Injured.

Rapid Induction Self Hypnosis Instructions Image

5 Steps on How to Use Rapid Induction Hypnosis Technique

Step 1: BELIEF
The first thing you want to do is hold on to the belief – you can easily allow yourself to relax, and go deep very quickly. Your belief in your own self-control and your intention to allow yourself to explore this ability is a foundational skill to this working really well for you. But also, don’t expect to be perfect at something the first time you do it, and realise that you’re going to get better the more that you do this.

You want to decide on the hypnotic suggestion you’re going to give yourself under trance. Now, only decide on one suggestion to reduce the level of conscious focus required to deliver this to yourself. An example could be “Everyday I find it easier to make healthier choices” or “Every night I find it easier to go to sleep”

Step 3: INHALE
You take a deep breath in, and as you do, you raise your eyes and your head up towards the ceiling, up towards the sky until you feel a very slight stretch and strain in your eyes, and on your neck, and aiming to fill your lungs full with air, as you hit that peak.

Step 4: EXHALE
As soon as you reach that peak you take a deep breath in, you experienced that mild discomfort, you then breathe out and you drop your eyes and your head back down with the intention to go very deep into a state of relaxation and hypnosis.

As soon as you’ve exhaled out and as soon as you’re breathing goes back to normal, and your head’s dropped down, you begin delivering the hypnotic suggestions to yourself multiple times  for roughly 30 seconds to two minutes. Now, the amount of time doesn’t really matter; just bring yourself back out by opening up your eyes when you feel ready. 

And that’s it! 

That is how you use Rapid Induction Hypnosis even if you’re pregnant or injured. Now of course if the injury affects your neck, look this is not the right method for you. So leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this rapid hypnosis induction method.

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