How To Conduct Online Hypnosis Sessions

When we think about hypnotherapy, we imagine a quiet room, a hypnotherapist sitting face-to-face with the client, talking to them, and taking them into a relaxed state. However, this is not the case anymore. With emerging technology and social distancing guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hypnotherapy industry is also changing. Online hypnotherapy sessions, or E-Hypnotherapy, is the most modern form of Hypnosis. Online Hypnosis slightly differs from face-to-face & traditional techniques, but it does follow similar basic foundations.

You can easily do the majority of hypnosis sessions online. Schedule your phone consultation and let me know that you are interested in an online hypnotherapy session to determine whether online Hypnosis is right for your target. At that moment, we will explore your individual needs and see if online Hypnosis is right for you.

Another advantage of online hypnotherapy is the ease and relaxation of being in your own space. Most of the clients nowadays preferred to have their online hypnosis sessions instead of the traditional face-to-face meeting.

This article will help you learn more about conducting online Hypnosis and how to perform the best online Hypnosis like a professional hypnotherapist.

How to Build Rapport with Online Hypnosis Clients

In traditional hypnosis sessions, you create relationships with others by seeking mutual interests, being sweet, complimenting others, and sharing experiences.

You can build deep rapport on a traditional hypnosis sessions by-

  1. Aligned & Synchronised Body Language
  2. Using a similar tonality, volume and pace as your client, and
  3. By using keywords that your client will connect more closely with.

It is natural to think that online hypnosis sessions may not be as effective as traditional Hypnosis; however, this is not the case. You can still develop a deep rapport with your client through online Hypnosis the same way as face-to-face. However, it is limited to what your client’s camera can see, which is the only advantage of face-to-face.

As opposed to traditional hypnotherapy sessions, online hypnotherapy has several incredible benefits. Due to the current situation and lockdown restrictions, there is no need to deal with traditional hypnotherapy since online hypnosis sessions are as effective as traditional hypnotherapy.

Of course, when you decided to take an online hypnosis session or E-Hypnotherapy, expect to experience disconnections and signal delays during the session. Still, once you learn how to handle these infrequent challenges, online Hypnosis sessions can prove to be just as useful to your client, with the added advantage of reducing the costs of running your business.

How to Deliver an Effective Online Hypnosis Session?

For anyone aiming to deliver a high-quality online hypnosis session or E-Hypnotherapy session, it’s important that they acquire proficient hypnotherapy skills, knowledge, and experience in dealing with the inevitable disconnection challenges that may occur.

Another aspect of the online hypnosis session to be aware of is how to help a client through unexpected emotional responses. These are usually called Abreactions. There is a very effective and safe way to help a client through this, in its event.

Some Hypnotherapists and Practitioners believe that performing Online Hypnosis Sessions is not as effective as face-to-face. It increases the client’s risk of not getting their outcome due to the lack of physical space that the two parties (Client & Hypnotherapist) share.

This is just not true. Like any skill, those that don’t have access to it think it’s either impossible or too hard until they learn how and realise that it’s just as powerful and effective.

Of course, conducting an online hypnosis session or E-Hypnotherapy Session might seem overwhelming, scary, or hard, especially if you are a technologically-challenged person. Still, with some basic hypnotherapy training, it can open up a world of new therapeutic possibilities.

Process of Online Hypnosis Session

Imagine having a normal video conference call, but one person has their eyes shut and is relaxing in the chair, listening to the other person speak. That’s what typically happens during an online hynosis session. 

Usually, a client will find out about you and your service through your marketing or word of mouth.

Listed below are some process in conducting an online hypnosis session: 

1. QUALIFY – You must interview your prospective client to discover whether: 

  1. you want to work with them, 
  2. they are ready for the online hypnosis session.

2. SET-UP – Once you have chosen to work with a client and they have made an emotional and financial investment in the session, it’s a good time to send them a scheduled time with a link to the zoom call. Another bonus is to send them a quick video on what to expect before their session so they can be even better prepared.

3. PREFRAME – This is the part of the client’s session whereby you inform them about how the session will go, what they can expect and what is expected from them. You will also cover how disconnections will be handled and reassure your client how to handle any unexpected emotional responses.

The next step after the Preframes when conducting the Online Hypnosis Session is referred to as the…

4. PREINDUCTION TALK – In this part of the process, you share some knowledge and insights about the main problem that your client wants to address as a means of helping them create new empowering beliefs, while still in a conscious state.

The final step after the PreInduction Talk, when conducting online hypnosis sessions is…

5. HYPNOTHERAPY SESSION – This is the most relaxing part of the session for the client, usually conducted with their eyes shut and using a hypnotic induction technique, with a deepener and followed with metaphors, and hypnotic suggestions, resulting in a final ‘count out’ to bring the client back to wakeful awareness.

Benefits of Online Hypnosis Sessions

When conducting Online Hypnosis Sessions, as long as you are happy to accept the lack of physical connection, there are many more benefits to including this within your Hypnotherapy Business.

Here are the reasons you might find online therapy session tempting- 

  • Reduce business overheads: You don’t need to rent an extra office space, hire a receptionist and other staff. Your office can be anywhere you want. All you need is a table, a laptop, a quiet room, and a reliable internet connection. 
  • Work with clients all over the world: It allows you to work with clients from all over the world (if there is no language barrier). 
  • No commuting: You don’t have to rush through traffic to get to your workspace. It would save you time and transportation expenses. 
  • Flexible hours: Work the hours that work for you and take the time slots completely on your own terms.  

E-Hypnotherapy and conducting online hypnosis sessions give your business a competitive advantage over those that are slow to move with the changes in what the public wants.

When you know how to do both Traditional Face-to-Face as well as E-Hypnotherapy, combined with a clever way to market yourself as well, you’ll have a very successful online business that helps change people’s lives and makes you feel good about how you earn an income.

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