Would you like to discover the 6 Mistakes That Stop You from Having Fulfilment, Abundance and Freedom?
Do you dream of a better future, becoming a world-renowned expert, reaching the pinnacle of your respective field, traveling around the world, changing lives?

I work with people who have huge dreams and goals. I have seen that a lot of people dream big but never get started or they have started but they have the wrong mindset that literally repels their success.

The art of fulfillment, abundance, and freedom is an important skill to master. If you want to become a heart driven business owner, practitioner or expert, who has a lucrative ‘feel good’ business that changes people’s lives and allows you to work from anywhere you like with a laptop lifestyle then…I want to share with you the 6 Common Mistakes I’ve experienced people get stuck in, after training over 8000 people.

As a head coach and co-founder and head coach for Australian Success Academy, this is for people who want to create more fulfillment in life, by helping people rapidly and powerfully…who also want to earn a really good income, so you can have more choices in life, and who wants freedom to work when they like, from wherever they like.

So what are the common mistakes to avoid, so you can get faster results and you can start to create the life you deserve to live with one of a Fulfillment, Abundance & Freedom?

Here are the 6 mistakes that held me back the most, which may also be holding you back as well…, it could be causing you to doubt yourself, struggle to get clients or could be stopping you from abundance and fulfillment.

The 6 Mistakes That Stop You from Living a Life of Fulfilment, Freedom, and Abundance

  1. Learning other skills, modality, technique, or healing process will turn you into a big success when…it’s most likely won’t. There are far too many training organisations that claim that their new process will make clients rush your way when that’s just not true. What you really need is to learn a rapid and powerful skill that can change people’s lives, learn how to market and promote yourself using a Client Attraction System so you can have a sustainable pipeline of clients coming your way consistently. There are thousands of very skilled practitioners, coaches and therapists out there who are broke and struggling because they only focused on their craft, rather than the marketing side of the business.
  2. Trying to earn a living from a job or career that is not in line with your core values. Your job and career might earn you an income, but it may not lead to what you truly want out of life. Most people dream of a lifestyle that gives them abundance & freedom of time, whilst doing something that they can feel proud of and that also authentically helps people. This is why I’m so passionate about teaching heart-driven people these powerful skills on how to create this very lifestyle because it’s made such a difference to me and my family.
  3. Putting off own ambitions, dreams, and goals and making sacrifices because of a sense of obligation for someone else. No one ever wants someone to give up on their dreams, ambitions, and goals in life. We only have one shot at creating the most amazing, joyful, fulfilling life possible. You can look after all your responsibilities, dependants and all the things you want to get done, and have what you want in life. What you need to do is realise that you can do both. I’m not saying that it will be, but it will be worth it. You’ll also become a greater role model to those dependants by showing them that they can have an outstanding life as well as meeting all the obligations as long as they’re in the right mindset.
  4. Some people simply discount what is possible for them. They have a self-defeating, low-self worth approach to life, never giving them permission to dream bigger and strive for more in life. Instead, you need to realise that this is only a self-imposed limitation that can be easily removed and rewired so that instead of your mindset being your biggest weakness, it becomes your biggest strength, so they authentically know you deserve so much more in life.
  5. Trying to build success in an area that you’ve never done it before, starting from ‘scratch’ without any mentors or coaches to support you. If you have never done something before, you can’t possibly know what is around the corner and how to best handle it, or even what pitfalls to avoid. This is the great value of having the right mentor and coach:
    • someone that has walked that path before you.
    • someone that has the lifestyle that you want.
    • someone that can share with you the secret sauce of success, and the 20% of efforts that generate 80% of the results.

    This is the great value of having the right mentor and coach: “Finding a mentor is the fastest, low-risk way to achieve success.

  6. You are caught up in the Artist Mindset, not the Business Owner mindset. This is when you are passionate about what you do, but you haven’t set up business systems that actually make you money. Instead, you just want to work with people, but that stops you from earning more and helping more people. If you truly want to make a difference, you need to develop business systems that work for you and work without you.

These are the 6 Mistakes That Stop You from Having Fulfilment, Abundance and Freedom that  I’ve experienced after training over 8000 people, that stops them from having a dream lifestyle, of doing the work they are proud of, helping people, making really good money, and having more time freedom in their own personal lives. Learning how to authentically help people online, so you can work from anywhere you like, whilst also earning a 6-figure income is one of the best ways to get fulfillment, abundance, and freedom.

If you identify these 6 Mistakes That Stop You from Having Fulfilment, Abundance and Freedom, then you’re most likely holding yourself back. Remember, they can be changed, and when changed, your results will change.

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