Want to earn a really good income? What about working from home that is not MLM or NWM, but is doing something you are really proud of, that actually helps people?

You get it right.

I want to share with you these 4 Lucrative Offers that I teach and train people to gain access to in order to create more abundance, more fulfillment by helping hundreds of people and more freedom, working from anywhere you like with the laptop lifestyle.

When you have a business that has multiple income streams that don’t rely on your time, it can very quickly become a lucrative business. Here are the 4 Lucrative Offers I help people develop as they become a successful E-Hypnotherapist.

The 4 Lucrative Offers to Become a Successful E-Hypnotherapist

#1 – Live Group Hypnotherapy Workshops – You could run a 2 day Live Hypnotherapy Workshop, charging $500 per person, and following our E-Hypnotherapy client attraction system, you could get 10 participants, making you $5000 per 2/day workshop.

#2 – Online Group Hypnotherapy Workshop – You could run a 4-week Group Hypnotherapy Program, delivering 1 hour a week for 4 weeks, and following our E-Hypnotherapy client attraction system, you could get 10 people paying $500 each, earning you $5000.

#3 – 1-on-1 Live Hypnotherapy Packages – Most people don’t earn much more than $100/hr, however as an E-Hypnotherapist, the average of earning is $180/hr.

#4 – Downloadable Packages – Imagine making something once and selling it every week for the next 10 years? You can write Hypnosis Scripts to sell to Hypnotherapists worldwide, you can create audio programs to support your clients and be used as add-on purchases. There is nothing more valuable than earning money whilst you sleep, and tapping into the global market online.

These are 4 Lucrative Offers that our E-Hypnotherapist Certification Program teaches people how to create and build into their business so they can have a dream lifestyle of doing work they are proud of, helping people, making really good money and having more time freedom.

If you want to learn more about how to become an E-hypnotherapist and develop the ability to change people’s lives, get access to our 12 Week Digital E-Hypnotherapist Certification & Marketing Program. See you there!